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Best Xbox Steering Wheel 2020

If you’re a fan of racing simulation software or game in general, it’s fair to assume you have already an Xbox wheel for your Xbox or your chosen platform. Perhaps you intend to buy one, but you’re puzzled because of the market’s sheer saturation. Be mindful that frustration with these trivial approaches is okay, after all, chances are this is your first time buying a steering wheel.

There is good news for you with that out of the way; the market is packed with beautiful steering wheels from all kinds of manufacturers

You have Logitech, Thrustmaster, and some other very trustworthy brands that have been making the top of the line steering wheels as well as other great peripherals.

Best Xbox Steering Wheel 2020

xBox Steering Wheel

Today we’ll help you select the best Xbox steering wheel you can buy on the market at the moment. We have listed quite a number of them for your ease and convenience and also left you with their pros and cons.

So let’s check out the best Xbox steering wheels in 2020 without further ado.

1. Logitech G920 Driving Force

Logitech G920 Driving Force Review

We continue the list with the introduction of the Logitech Driving Force G29, this racing steering wheel is specifically built for the Xbox for those who don’t know.

If you’re interested, however, Logitech launched the G29 driving force with complete support for PC, PS3, and PS4. Before we start, you should remember that the G920 is an elite class steering wheel that one can use, it has the class and the power to prove it.

The wheel itself is quite classy, but it keeps a certain flash, the buttons are perfectly positioned, and one of the best things about it is that it can fit easily in almost every place. Players that have actual cockpits for playing this awesome racing game will be pleased to learn it works pretty well though.

At this point, the only problem we have with the steering wheel is the price itself, the steering wheel costs around $350 if you buy it without a shifter, and if you buy the shifter the price goes up to $400.

This one is PC + Xbox One compatible.

But considering how Logitech has provided us with a near-perfect product, the price is understandable.

2. Thrustmaster VG Ferrari

Thrustmaster VG Ferrari Review

The next one high on the top is the Thrustmaster VG Ferrari steering wheel which is specifically designed for Xbox One. Until we continue, we would like to point out that this steering wheel is the cheapest deal we have on the list so far, as it retails only for $90. Yeah, that’s Okay. And how does it go against such beasts as Logitech G920 and G29? In all honesty, it would be a bit unfair to compare. Let’s find out what’s in store for us at VG Ferrari.

The steering wheel straight out of the box gives you the top of a Ferrari’s line impression, bear in mind that Ferrari’s design language can be found all over the place.

We had our reservations about the performance of the design because of the price it arrives with, although believe it or not, the wheel exceeded all our standards, it provides a solid structure and functions throughout every racing game or game that involves driving.

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Some of the few problems we’ve had with the VG Ferrari are the lack of additional options found in the other racing wheels, and while the construction feels very good, it has a simple, plastic feel. But note you’re paying $90 for it again, so that’s as good as things get.

I also suggest that you focus on the GTPlanet forum, what they have to say about this steering wheel for Xbox.

Is consistent with Xbox One, This version  has Xbox 360 compatibility

3. Mad Catz Wireless Force

Mad Catz Wireless Force Review

The next one on our list is the Mad Catz Wireless Force, for those who don’t know, Mad Catz is one of the best brands to offer 3rd party peripherals, they’re also the favorite fan of game fans like Tekken and Street Fighter. So, how is their entrance into the steering wheels market fair? Okay, you’re on to find out.

This specific steering wheel is properly called Wireless Force and, of course, its main point of sale is the fact that it is wireless. That being said, the Wireless Force carries the conventional looks and the designed quality for which Crazy Catz is known; the wheel itself is silver and has black all around it, but the wheel looks very solid regardless of the color scheme. Moving on to the performance, the Wireless Force performed well in almost all of the tests that we put on. The wheel was pitted against something as extreme as Forza Motorsport, and we tested the wheel in GTA V and cruised around Los Santos in a variety of different cars to see how well it works in games that have an arcade-rescue driving theme. Are we thinking? The steering wheel did quite a bit. The feedback has been sensitive as it is getting and feeling very strong.

And with so many nice things to talk about at home, do we have wheel problems? Well, yes; while the wheel itself is fantastic, the pedals feel like they’re made of cheap and low-quality metal, and last but not least, even though the steering wheel itself is wireless, you do need a power outlet to run it.

Apart from the minor gripes, Mad Catz’s Wireless Force is a beautiful steering wheel designed for relaxed and enjoyable gaming. If you are searching for something in the sub $300 range, then at such a price nothing could be better.

No Xbox-One compatibility

4. Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 – Italia Edition

Thrustmaster Italia Edition Review

The next up on the list is Thrustmaster’s appropriately called TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Version, for those who don’t know, this steering wheel comes in 2 editions; the Ferrari 458 Italia Version and the leather edition. We’re going to review the leather version later in this article but let’s stick to the Italia version for now and see what Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italy is.

As you would imagine, the racing wheel comes with the famous Ferrari logo in the center, when it comes to aesthetics, the steering wheel is very minimalist and has no over the top features, and supports both Xbox One and PC without any surprises. The steering wheel construction is relatively good and it won’t fail on you. Nevertheless, having used the leather version as well as the Italia version, it is fair to claim that the leather edition has a much higher quality feel. You should please remember, however, that while this one retails for about $300, the price for the leather version is about $470, which is a $170 premium for some decent materials.

The feedback on the Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Version is no joke, the steering wheel worked completely well in nearly all the games on which we tested it, but the games we reviewed were for the readers; Grand Theft Auto V, GRID, Forza Motorsport and a few others. You will be pleased to learn all the games worked perfectly well without any big problems. If you’re still anxious to realize how successful or disappointing the force feedback and vibration on this steering wheel are, then you should be pleased to know that the two elements were very good, they felt powerful, sensitive and smooth.

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But with so much to do, can’t the racing wheel do anything? And in a nutshell no, the steering wheel was capable of gracefully handling everything thrown at it. You can go ahead and nitpick about the building but it won’t make sense to subtract points on that basis. With it all out of the way, the TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Version is one of the greatest racing wheels on the marketplace, it offers a great Ferrari branding and is adequate to please everyone.

Compatible with both Xbox One and PC.

5. HORI Racing Wheel One

HORI Racing Wheel One Review

Next up on the list is HORI Racing Wheel One, maybe the perfect steering wheel for spending plan-oriented people, and you know what else is awesome about this one? In reality, Microsoft is officially approved for use with the Xbox One. Now you can get your accredited hardware demonstrated to your mates. But is the very budget-oriented $80 price tag worth it? Let’s go ahead and read.

The HORI Racing Wheel one comes with an all-plastic build, but given that it costs less than half of VG TX’s likes by Thrust master and G920’s by Logitech, this is reasonably justified. Seeing how the developers simply did not want bling in the HORI Racing Wheel, they ended up trying to cut down a few of the details that help racing wheels so famous among racing games fans; for instance, this racing wheel has no support for force feedback or vibration. It may be a deal-breaker for people who are intending to use this steering wheel for games like Forza Motorsport because it seems to be the best fit for people who would play arcade racing games where the force feedback is not required.

While being a good 80 bucks deal, there is certain stuff you wouldn’t like about the HORI Racing Wheel One; Too many players, the lack of force input is a major no, and the only mounting device provided by the steering wheel uses suction cups to hold the machine to the floor. If you can overcome these shortcomings, you’d be pleased to learn that HORI Racing Wheel is a fine, budget-oriented steering wheel.

Compatible with Xbox One.

6. Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel – Leather Edition

Thrustmaster TXl Ferrari 458 Review

The very last one on the list is Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel-Leather Model, you might think why we’re reviewing something that has been tested before, but you really should realize that the one we’ve reviewed before was the easy version and this one is the leather version. The Thrustmaster VG TX is something you can get if you’re willing to go for something that’s the premium in looks and equally great in results. The steering wheel essentially comes in two different versions, the one with leather and the other without leather. Until we continue, we would like to point out that the VG TX is designed as a direct competitor of the Logitech G920, but unlike the competition, it supports both PC and Xbox One, so let’s talk about how good Thrustmaster designed this steering wheel.

You’ll be greeted straight out of the box with high-quality leather that graces the handle, and given how the leather is one of the finest, the price gets justified. The steering wheel itself has all the required functions to play a racing game with no problems. One thing many people complain about in a steering wheel is the lack of strength feedback it provides, luckily for you, force feedback that is solid and sensitive as hell would welcome you.

So the Thrustmaster VG TX has anything missing? To a typical customer, nothing, Nonetheless, if you’re a hardcore enthusiast and like nitpicking on every single thing, you may be disturbed by the fact that the pedals on this steering wheel can’t be reversed, and also by the fact that the pedals are mostly made of plastic and you’re very uncomfortable when you’re using the pedals for a longer period.

In short, maybe the Thrustmaster VG TX is one of the best steering wheels you can buy for your Xbox One, not just Xbox One, but it also has full PC support and works well on all the racing games and sometimes even games that somehow integrate driving into them. Now that’s out of the way, the wheel has a good structure and has more than enough to sell for a peripheral one that comes at an affordable price.

Designed for Xbox One but also compatible with PC.

Other Accessories – Openwheeler Cockpit

Openwheeler Racing Wheel Review

The next one on our list is not just a racing wheel but a steering wheel cockpit, we are looking at the Open wheeler Racing Wheel which is a full cockpit designed by Logitech for many different steering wheels including the famous G29 and G920 as well as some other popular brands such as Thrustmaster. The cockpit is retailing at about $400 but is the price worth it? Let’s log in to the review.

This chair has been noted by numerous different reviewers as one of the best currently available on the market and has also been called a “real racing seat” while the chair is available in several different colors, our review unit has arrived in a red-black accent. At last, the chair was unboxed, It was confirmed that it is made from the highest quality content and does not in any way compromise the price. The chair was comfortable for everyone to check the chair and has a lot of adjustment options that will satisfy everyone, no matter whether you are tall, medium, heavy, or short.

The chair is even cheaper than you can find, at $400. This is made from top-of-the-line content and has more options for keeping everyone happy.

Playstation (4, 3, 2, 1), XboxOne, Xbox360, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Gamecube, N64, Sega, and PC Compatible with all gaming consoles.

Final Word – Wrapping it up

Compared with the early days, all 3rd party suppliers saturate the peripheral market. Gone are the days when only OEMs like Microsoft and Sony can get peripherals. Nowadays, more and more suppliers from third parties are coming in and bringing some pretty cool things to the table. Logitech and Thrustmaster, for example, have brought some pretty impressive stuff to the table. If you’re looking for a PlayStation Steering wheel, look here. PS4 Steering Wheels

If you’re on the lookout for a new steering wheel to quench your technical thirst for racing games, you’ll be greeted with hundreds of options, and in all honesty, it’s very easy to get lost in the options you have.

This is why lists such as this one function, the explanation is clear, the lists we make are also there to allow people to make the most of the money they’re about to spend, and contrary to common opinion, console steering wheels live on because of the increasingly incredible games that come out every year.

Take Forza for example; the game has been around for quite some time and this year, too, the next update is coming somewhere.

We hope the list was good enough to make a decision. Check out our other segment buyer’s guide for photo scannerstop Wi-Fi extenders, and a cooling pad for laptops.

Top Rated Xbox Steering Wheel

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