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Best Compound Bow Reviews For Hunting Deer in 2020

Compound bows can be tricky — some are very basic while others adapt on a large scale to be used for several different purposes by a lot of different types of people. If you’re a first-time buyer, or a long-time archery enthusiast searching for a new model to replace the old compound beat-up bow, you’re in the right place. 

Trying to find the right bow on the marketplace is difficult because there is so much knowledge out there.

Are the increased priced bows worth the investment? Are there any cheap bows recommended for novices? What about covers, right/left bands, warranties, and plain old stuff that you can’t see from an ad campaign? Our guide to buyers is here to help. 

We’ll take you through a full review of our 10 favorite compound bows and make sure you feel secure with all the details you need in the purchase process. There are a few important aspects that you want to bear in mind when reading at reviews of compound bows. While quality is undoubtedly significant, it matters just as much to size and handling. You’re going to fight to shoot an arch that doesn’t suit you. 

You will need to think about the weight and duration of the draw. These variables are some of the key ones that could ruin your experience with the compound bow right off the bat. The next aspect is use-are you planning to use this bow for a high-quality hunting experience or just trying to get your child interested in archery? Our reviews go into depth, so you can make a good buying decision

 Another major factor in buying a fairly large object like a compound bow is its price and affordability. If you’re going to spend more, you’re going to want to make sure you buy a quality product and our guide can help you do that.

The Best Compound Bows

1. Genesis Original Kit ‒ The School-Approved Bow

Genesis Original Kit

The Genesis Original Kit is a beautiful starter bow highly recommended for kids.

There’s no prerequisite for draw length here, so no matter how old you are or what kind of athlete you are, you can use the bow. Even children won’t outgrow it, because it doesn’t require draw length.

The best thing this initial Genesis Kit offers is that you’re able to fire straight out of the box. It is one of the best combinations of bows and arrows, particularly for juvenile shooters.

Although it is nice to be ready to shoot it doesn’t matter if your bow doesn’t last. Genesis is made of beautiful materials that should last over time and are manufactured in America.


The school credential is the biggest benefit that the Genesis Original Bow and Kit provides. It is used by school kids all over the world, and if you want to be a part of it, this is a bow that will make your kids feel very relaxed.

The Original Kit on top of the simple Genesis string gives you some stuff. You will get the following:

  • Five Aluminum Bows: If you don’t have bows, can’t you fire a bow, right? The included Genesis arrows should be good enough for the beginning archer outside the wall.
  • Quiver belt tube: The quiver connects to your coat. For beginners, it’s a good addition and you shouldn’t feel the need to change it until you’re much more relaxed and know what you’re looking for in a quiver!
  • Adjustable arm guard: You can find yourself in need of something custom later when this arm guard does change.

Genesis wishes that everyone can fire this bow, and I think that holds up very well. It is a bow that is flexible.

This is just a casual bow, so it’s not supposed to be used for any sort of hunt.

  • Supported by schools at the Youth level
  • Quality manufacturing and materials, made in the USA
  • Fits a variety of sizes and level of athletes
  • Easily customizable
  • Isn’t going to fit everyone, smaller children will still struggle
  • May not be as complex as other bows

The National School Archery Program (NASP) wouldn’t have approved a compound bow for someone who wants to start archery without a bit of thought. There is an explanation of why the Genesis is still on top-rated compound bow lists.

This bow is a fantastic compound bow at the entry-level that is ideal for children and can be used for a long time as they grow.

2. Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow ‒ your First Bow

The Crosman Elkhorn Jr. is intended for younger ages if you can’t tell from the name.

Possibly the safest age range is in the 8-13 range and it’s not a bow that you want teenagers and adults to use. The price suits accordingly — this will be very enticing for parents looking for a young person’s first “real” bow, and you can tell Crosman is doing a lot to make it an appealing match.

The Crosman Elkhorn Jr. is a beautifully crafted bow. However, it is only a right-handed bow, so bear that in mind when ordering.

The grip and the entire bow were built to suit younger hands, and this suit should be sufficient for most of them.

Perhaps the best use of this bow will be more as a trial to see if your child is really keen on archery or just kicking the tires a little bit. You should be able to see if they want to pursue this as a more serious sport until they try this bow.


The Elkhorn Jr. is a great bow only starting for youngsters, so the features of this bow are all targeted towards beginners.

  • Two arrows: Two composite arrows come with the Elkhorn Jr. The consistency of these arrows is not the best so in the future, you will have to get some replacements. But when it comes to shooting from the box right out, you have a couple to get you started.
  • Two-piece quiver: Also, your kids will have the chance to practice using a quiver to see if they’re interested in getting this on their bow. However, it’s removable so you can take this away if your child needs a lighter feeling.
  • Armguard: An armguard is fine for a beginning archer because they do not have the right form yet, and they may find themselves on the wrong end of any string slaps without proper form. That can be counterproductive to the start of a new archer and so it’s wise to use either this armguard or another one they buy later.
  • 90-day limited warranty: The bow comes with a 90-day warranty which includes any usual bow use. For beginners, this is cool, as you can get out and use the bow and know (with peace of mind) that if anything goes wrong, you can get a replacement.

This system doesn’t have to be too complex when you check it out to see if your child likes the sport. That is probably the best compound budget bow for kids out there.

If you’re looking for a cheap first-time “trial run” compound bow, this is probably the one your kids can use.

  • Priced at an affordable level with beginner children in mind
  • The bow has decent construction
  • Fits well with children ages 8-13
  • Comes with some basic options that allow use right away
  • Some of the items the bow comes with aren’t great quality
  • No target included
  • No nocking point on the string

You need to set your standards of what this bow offers — it’s a cheap “only” bow that can be used several times but it won’t be the bow that you need as your child develops.

Logically, trying something a little cheaper before upgrading to the world’s bigger bows makes a lot of sense, and the Elkhorn Jr. gives you a perfect way to do it for kids ages 8-13.

3. Leader Accessories Compound Bow 30-55lbs 19-29″ Archery Hunting Equipment with Max Speed 296fps, Right Handed ‒ For New 

Leader Accessories has a precious entry balancing affordability with consistency and contributing to a very strong score.

The weight of the draw is adjustable to 30-55 lbs. This is called an adult bow and most should be able to use this bow at that amount of draw weight without any problem.


Mixing affordability with consistency, this bow has some great features to offer:

  • Peep sight: You have a peep sight and a D-loop with the bow included.
  • Two arrows: You’ll need to buy more arrows at this stage of the game than just the two that this bow comes with, particularly as those arrows aren’t of the highest quality. It’s always good to have anything to shoot right out of the box if needed.
  • Wrenches and instructions: One of this bow’s key features is that you do have the ability to change your draw weight as required. To do this, you will need to use the Allen wrenches that this bow comes with, and the inside directions are easy to understand and should not trigger any big problems when you change your Leader Accessories bow.

This 30-55 lb bow is very inexpensive within the price range. Adults, or even teens starting, may find a great deal of value in this bow.

Possibly the accessories and add-ons aren’t ideal for someone who can get serious in archery; however, if you’re serious, you may want to move up to a more expensive model anyway.

Here, versatility and changes are important. You can also use this bow as a child or as a smaller individual needing a better bow.

It is a compound bow that I believe has a lot of value.

  • Affordable, a lot of bang for your buck
  • Adjustable draw weight lets a variety of individuals use the bow
  • Well made
  • Add-ons that come with the bow are not solid whatsoever
  • Currently right-hand only

Leader Hardware does a pretty good job here, as an inexpensive entry into the compound bow arena.

Many people online have said this bow is working as a good “back-up” or “guest” bow, one that is used as an extra but still offers a strong feel and experience.

I like that though because you might even have more accessories that are a little stronger to add to the experience of this bow.

Overall, I wouldn’t be afraid of it if it’s your first bow; it’s a fun bow to try and learn about yourself and get some practice as an archer.

4. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package ‒ The Full Package

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

One of the most common bows on the market is the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge.

Since Diamond Archery is extremely talented when it comes to making the best compound bows out there, there is an explanation.

The Infinite Edge Pro is a forgiving bow, and that’s perfect for beginners who need to feel the trust in their shot.

The draw length can be adjusted anywhere between 13 inches and 31 inches, providing quite a wide range. They say that “anyone” can fire this bow, but this appears to be accurate because the draw weight can be changed anywhere between just five pounds. How amazing that is, I can’t say sufficiently.


The Infinite Pro-Kit does have a lot to do to give you what you need for an unforgettable experience.

  • Three-pin Tundra sight and tube peep sight: These two sights are working to make targeting as quickly as they can be. It can require some setup, which for a novice may be a bit of a challenge, so you may want to ask for help. The Tundra sight has fiber optic cables, which most claim suits the need for this bow and is a pretty cool feature.
  • Octane stabilizer: Vibration is one of the main concerns while shooting, but this 5 “ultra-lite item helps minimize those vibrations. The drawing period is also very relaxing, but this just improves the process.
  • Arrow quiver: The Infinite Pro Kit contains what Diamond calls the Octane Quiver “Deadlock Lite,” and it has a maximum of 5 arrows. While with this kit you do not get arrows (you will need those from your store and made specifically to suit your shot), this quiver is a good way to keep the arrows that you have. It’s easy to use; both beginners and experts can see this as a positive.

The Infinite Edge Pro Compound Bow is an amazing contribution to the marketplace of compound bows.

Particularly useful for those who will have varying skill levels and varied physical needs shooting a single bow, you get a lot of value when it comes to this purchase.

  • Extremely adjustable, from five to 70 pounds, so beginners and experts alike should feel comfortable
  • Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty
  • Great in situations where you have varied shooters
  • Some users said Tundra sight wasn’t super effective
  • May need an additional release aid, not included

I like that the bow has a smooth draw and at the same time still can be fairly accurate. It ranges, as described, up to 70 pounds so you can use this compound bow to some serious use if necessary.

In my view, the 70-pound draw weight places the bow on the list of the best hunting bows. 70 pounds is an amazing shot that can be used to chase in almost any capacity even though you remember other factors.

If you are thinking about hunting, I would suggest that you check out this analysis of the top-rated trail cameras to boost your hunting experience. It’s also a safe idea to stay hydrated when you’re out there with these clever water bottles

5. Southland Archery Supply SAS Scorpii 55 Lb 29″ Compound Bow ‒ Bang For Your Buck

The Scorpii (interesting name) is a lightweight, compound bow which, like teens, makes it good for both adults and young archers.

This is a really cheap compound bow and I like what Southland Archery has to offer here.

The Scorpii does a decent job with the competition where it’s at. It may not be as cheap or as good as other people are going to go.

I believe it will be one of the best bows for deer hunting, at a weight of 55 pounds, because of its ease of getting out into the fields.


For now, the Scorpii is available only for right-handers, and it will come preset with its settings turned ” up,” which is set at the 55 draw weight.

  • Seven-year limited warranty: Southland Archery Supply has a limited warranty covering the bow for seven years. This is up to their discretion so you should be protected if it happens during regular wear and tear. That means Southland hopes that this will be a very long-lasting bow used through the years — a bonus for serious archers.
  • Accessories kit: Much of what you’d think comes with the optional accessories package. It has an arrow brace, two separate sights (five-pin fiber and peep sight), a stabilizer, and an Allen wrench for weights and length changes. These accessories aren’t the best but will do once you start.
  • Size: I’m counting the size of the bow as a benefit here because it’s so small and that will make many people feel much more relaxed taking it out in the woods or organizing it when they learn to shoot.
  • Typically customers either need something that’s very cost-effective, or they want to go for something top of the line because their hobby is very serious.
  • Affordable model for a solid bow
  • Durable with a seven-year warranty; guarantees you’ll have a bow that works for a long time
  • Compact; maneuver easily with this bow and take it anywhere you need to go
  • Accessories are lacking
  • If you’re looking to go “high quality”, look in the higher price ranges

Overall, what you’ve got here is a compact compound bow which is a great bow, particularly for people with lower stature. I could genuinely see this as the best compound bow for women.

The attachments you get with the bow are not of the highest quality, but in all kinds of tests, the bow itself is very robust and precise.

While it won’t earn my highest rating, you could do much worse than the Scorpii if that suits your needs.

6. Bear Archery – Bow Attitude (RTS Package) ‒ Packs A Punch

Bear Archery - Bow Attitude (RTS Package)

Bear Archery is back with their “Attitude” bow, one of the industry’s heavyweights. This bow should appeal to you to those tough archers with attitude.

The style is simply amazing and this is a bow with a lot of pace and precision.

The Attitude is announced as a kit “RTS” which stands for “Ready to Fire. Let’s dive inside and see if we know this bow is ready to go.

The Trophy Ridge accessories add a lot to the kit and also give you some great value when you add up the separate purchasing cost of each product. These Trophy Ridge accessories are top of the line, and can’t beat. You won’t have to buy new ones over time and won’t be able to ever find anything better.

The draw weight on this bow, so far as the bow goes, is just for serious archers; it is 60 to 70 pounds.

The range is more versatile from 25 inches to 32 inches which should be ideal for most shooters.


This offering by Bear Archery is a very high-quality bow. The price is up there but for your buck, you certainly get some bang.

  • Arrow rest: A Whisker Biscuit is the arrow rest included in this “Ready to Fire” box. This top-of-the-line arrow rest is well established and should give you a steady, secure shot every time from the same location.
  • Sight: The Attitude kit contains a three-pin Trophy Ridge sight that does have black light illumination. This is an excellent addition for hunters who will be out in the dark or those who are accustomed to rifle scopes, and I think it will appeal to a lot of serious archers
  • Stabilizer: All those accessories are from Trophy Ridge if you’ve noticed by now. The stabilizer cuts off the movement and keeps the shot steady.
  • Sling: The sling attached to this bow will make sure that your gear is not sliding after your shot is released. This enhances precision in the shot of your Attitude.

The 60-70 pound range is perfect for hunting, just to get back to the draw weight for a second. Although it is very basic, here you get a lot of power that could be used for even the biggest size of the game. If you are only looking for a deer hunting bow, that should be more than adequate.

The price is not a deal-breaker and I could see a lot of serious hunters enjoying this bow even though it’s a luxury product. Especially those who need a new bow now because the argument “Ready to Shoot” would appeal to anyone who doesn’t want to go to the store and bother with mixing things around.

  • The high-quality bow that should last
  • Accessories that come with the package are high quality and very useful
  • Strong bow draw weight means this is specifically designed to be good for hunting
  • Draw weight is a limited range
  • May not be good for beginners

This Bear Archery kit is an RTS offer that includes a lot of high-quality accessories that will give you a premium experience straight out of the box.

If you are just starting or don’t know what you want, it’s probably not a great bow to buy. The high draw weight makes this unacceptable for younger shooters or those with a lot of strength. You don’t want to be trying to pull an arrow back — that clearly won’t be doing wonders for your accuracy.

I love this kit for experienced archers and those wanting to take a good bow out hunting. As with all the Trophy Ridge add-ons, the sight that requires black light illumination is great. 

When it comes to compound bows, you have a bow which is one of the best-selling versions, and I like this deal. If you need strength, and you need it ready to go, Bear Archery should have the Attitude package covered here.

7. iGlow 30-55 lbs Black/Green/Camouflage Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow 175 150 70 55 40 30 lb Crossbow ‒ Sturdy Budget Option

iGlow 30-55 lbs Black/Green/Camouflage Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow 175 150 70 55 40 30 lb Crossbow

With this 30-55 lb model, the iGlow (not related to Apple) has a very interesting deal here.

This is a compound bow that wants to provide you with an inexpensive choice, but it doesn’t compare to the best bows on the market. Is that a lower-end model worth the money? That can depend on your tastes individually, so let’s go over the bow and see what you think.

The iGlow feels very nice and adjustment is simple, but the extras are where this bow begins to be missing.

This model doesn’t have a quiver, and you are also without a peep sight.


The iGlow is for all the righteous at the moment. The bow is set at a full draw weight of 55 pounds and has a draw length of 19-29 inches.

  • Shooting: The iGlow feels very good and shoots smoothly and precisely.
  • Durability: One thing you can say about keeping the iGlow is it’s well made. The accessories don’t do anything to me as we get started, but the bow itself is well made, and you should feel solid and powerful keeping the iGlow.
  • Value: This is a combination of the first two bullet points here, but it’s uncommon to find a bow that feels so good and can last at that price level for so long. Your outlay money matters and the iGlow are built to compete on price.

One question that is frequently asked about bows such as these is “does this come with arrows “The iGlow doesn’t, which isn’t a major archer’s tragedy. However, here we are talking about a value bow, so when adding prices in your mind you will need to take that into account.

Another downside that I would like to point out for this bow is that you would want to add a stabilizer to it. When shooting au natural, it’s a pretty noisy bow, and a stabilizer can do a lot to hamper vibrations and the noise it creates.

  • Affordable as a good starter bow
  • Shooting feels as comfortable as some higher-priced models
  • Durable and construction feels nice
  • Accessories are either non-existent or not good
  • Needs investment to qualify as a compound bow for a serious shooter
  • No arrows included
  • Needs a stabilizer

The iGlow is the meaning of “what it is” It is a quality built bow which falls short in a couple of different areas.

But the buying of other products will shore up those negative areas. Then the question becomes, do you still get the bang for your buck when you aim and customize your bow when you wish. How much you want to take that is up to you.

If you have a chance to test a model and you like the way it looks straight out of the box, I think this is going to be a high-quality deal.

8. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow ‒ Looks Great, Shoots Better

Bear Archery is one of the Industry’s heavyweights. They are one of the best brands of bows out there and this compound bow is an absolute champ. It comes with a high price tag, but I think you need to justify the heavy price.

The Cruzer is essentially ready to go as soon as you order it, which is a good perk.

The Cruzer is exceptionally smooth at shooting and because of the stabilizer they added, it fires without noise or vibration.

One thing I haven’t addressed yet is the way the Cruzer is customizable. It has settings to carry you up from five pounds to an almost overwhelming 75 pounds. At 75 pounds you have a choice which is probably one of the best hunting compound bows. Limb bolts and Allen wrenches get the job done here quickly and it’s easy to change even with this amazing bow.


Bear Archery did a fine job of combining a quality bow with quality fittings. The price point may seem a little high, but it makes sense when you’re factoring in all you get here.

  • Arrow rest: The Cruzer features an arrow resting “Whisker Biscuit” which is one of the best-rated on the market
  • Four-pin optical fiber sight: The light does a fantastic job of letting you use the Cruzer when you’re in a dark situation or doing something like hunting in the dusk. It does a very nice job and just makes you feel good using it.
  • Stabilizer: A Trophy Ridge Dart Stabilizer is the stabilizer used on the Cruzer. Bear Archery opted for this item to minimize all the unpleasant noises you get while firing. The Trophy Ridge leads to a reasonably quiet shooting experience and is very easy for the consumer.
  • Finish: There are some very stunning styles for you to choose from on these bows. I won’t even try to choose one, but I know you’ll be shooting with the Cruzer in style, no matter what you choose.
  • Limited lifetime warranty: Warranties aren’t better than “lifetime,” and though certain limitations apply, you can be confident that when you make this purchase, you have a bow behind Bear Archery and one you’ll have for a long time.

If you are looking for something else to hunt, check out our reviews on crossbows.

The Cruzer is one of the best hunting bows on the market, at the end of the day. Is it the greatest hunting bow ever? I’m not going to say yes or no … but I’d suggest it’s on the list.

You have a bow that can evolve with your family and can be used with only a few basic changes by almost everyone.

  • One of the smoothest shots on the market
  • Easily adjusts from the bare minimum to the max of 75 pounds
  • Accessories are some of the best available
  • Made in the USA
  • High quality everywhere you look
  • Cost may be prohibitive to some
  • Could be a bit heavy, depending on who’s using it

The items provided here are top of the range and when you buy that you get one of the best compound bows money can buy you can be sure.

The Cruzer look and feel can’t beat. I know “finishing” might not be in everybody’s view, but this bow just looks amazing.

The feeling of the shot could be more important to you, and Bear Archery has something fantastic to give you there as well with their stabilizer — it feels great to shoot and is also quiet.

I highly recommend the Cruzer to the serious archer.

9. Diamond Archery Prism Bow Package (18-30/5-55 lb) ‒ Quality And Affordability

Another entry from Diamond Archery’s selection men, this set of bows is customizable and makes it very versatile.

The big point here is that you get a reliable and robust compound bow, so you can use it when your kids grow up, and even then this bow could be used by a lot of different members of the family.


You can buy this bow with features like these, and make sure you have exactly what you need right away.

  • Sight: The Prism Kit contains Axion sight with three buttons. For those who are beginners, this is a good sight, and it’s a fairly high-quality sight overall. This will be just fine for most people, even for more experienced archers.
  • Arrow rest: The arrow rest featured with the Prism is a Hostage XL. This is identical to the arrow rest of the popular “Whisker Biscuit,” which works pretty well. This is useful for all archers, from beginners to experts.
  • Quiet: The Prism fires very softly and completely without any vibration. This is even more impressive because the Prism doesn’t come with a stabilizer; its quality construction alone keeps it quiet and makes it an amazing hunting choice.

As I said, with this bow in their hands, the Prism is a well-put-together bow that feels solid enough to offer an archer a lot of trusts.

You don’t have to think about noise or vibrations in any way, because on that level you are being taken care of right away.

The Diamond Prism is also very versatile, with a draw weight that goes from the regular 55 pounds down to five pounds for younger shooters — a perfect way to practice about a piece of equipment they might use well into their teenage years or adults.

Since some people worry about their bow’s appearance, Diamond Archery offers six different finishes on their bow that look very good.

Where the Prism shines through is that when you compensate for the price it’s always one of the best compound bows! I think Prism is the best bow for the price.

There are cheaper starter kits out there that can be customized like this one, but as this kit does, none of them come with high-quality accessories. That will be attractive for someone who doesn’t want to mess around figuring out what they need.

  • The bow is very quiet—awesome for hunting
  • The accessories are great
  • Adjusts from five lbs-55 lbs
  • Beats other “starter” bows in terms of quality
  • Only goes up to 55 pounds
  • You might be able to get by with a slightly cheaper bow

Overall, I like this Diamond bow as one that’s a middle-of-the-road entry, but a sensible one.

You’re saving some money from the “best of the best” bows, but actually, none of this package’s pieces are below average — all you get is good quality.

I like that for a lot of starters who want something of quality and know that archery is difficult.

I’m a Diamond Archery fan and this bow should be in play for anyone (especially because it has both left- and right-handed models) who want a compound bow of high quality.

10. Bear Archery Brave Bow Set ‒ For The Youth

Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

Earlier in this article, we featured a Bear Archery adult bow and now it’s time for a youth bid with the Brave Bow Kit.

I don’t think the name has anything to do with the movie Brave, but I’m sure the organization doesn’t mind Bear Archery either.

Right off the bat, you’ll see that Bear Archery recommends this as a package for kids aged “8 and older,” and they’ll outgrow this bow at some stage, as it’s not one of the models that can be changed even in adulthood forever.


Overall, for young archers aged 7-10, the Brave kit is probably the best just starting with archery. It has some main features.

Arrow rest: This first feature is kind of incredible at this price range for a bow package. It includes an arrow resting whisker biscuit. This is an item that would cost around 25 bucks if you went out and purchased it separately, so you have a decent quality accessory for your child to use immediately.

Arrows: The Courageous kit also contains two Glass arrows. These are safety products and are not of the highest standard, but they give you enough to go ahead and use your bow.

Quiver: You also get a simple quiver, along with this bow kit, which can accommodate up to four arrows. This is a simple concept but it just fits well for the needs here.

The Brave Bow’s draw weight will set bets of 15 to 25 pounds. This is a welcoming set, but it will still block younger users and need to be updated in the future as your kids get older.

When it comes to this bow, you’ll find some mixed feedback online, and that’s because every bow can be a bit of a challenge for beginners while they’re trying something different like archery.

I think it makes sense, but as long as you do your homework and help your child make good use of this bow, I think you’ll get the results you want out of it.

The content, design, and even the accessories with this Brave package are great, and I feel good about recommending this package to others for the price — especially those who decide if archery will become a new hobby to them.

  • Nice quality for a beginner
  • Affordable bow lets you try out archery
  • Comes with some decent accessories including a Whisker Biscuit
  • Limited adjustments when it comes to bow dimensions
  • Vibrations when draw weight is turned down

This bow kit offers you good accessories but does not break the bank when it comes to delivering them.

Everything else, though, should feel just like the bows of the big boys, from the shot feel to the changes you need to make. If you have to set the draw weight to a lower amount, you will have some vibration issues so be aware of that.

Perhaps the price is too good for most to trade-in for a bow of quality. Even with minimal adjustment capabilities, I believe the Brave kit is a nice bow for young people.

Buying Guide

There are some things you shouldn’t compromise on when it comes to buying a good compound bow.

The first requirements that you can buy are height, weight draw, and consistency. You can’t use a compound bow that doesn’t suit you or your kids, so the first thing you need to pay attention to.

Buying Guide

Draw weights for each bow you use and for its function are different. A young child wants some light they can come back from. If you plan on hunting, you’d better have some real arrows and a good draw weight that suits the situation.

The best compound bows we tested were those that could adapt to any situation — even as extreme as draw weights of five to 75 pounds. It’s a very great feature to have; thought about the possibilities for a bow that can be used for kids but can also tune-up up and be good even for professional adult archers. It is pretty good

Looking for a more new fishing kayak? Your search ends here!

Accessories that come with packages with compound bows can differ greatly in quality. Some attachments are made of cheap plastic, and will not be very useful as “true” quivers of bows or arm guards.

These aren’t the norm, but the best bow bundles also have killer accessories that mean no more trips to the store as you become more familiar with your bow.

The smoothness with which a compound bow fires, and the noise level/level of vibrations you feel with the bow, are other items to look for when you get into the more expensive bows.

These aren’t the most important as you start; however, as you get into more serious archery — especially for the hunters out there-— You’re going to want a good smooth bow that doesn’t shoot with any kind of noise or noises that could either alert your presence or just give you a worse shot overall.

Here’s a look at some characteristics of compound bows:



The first thing you are going to worry about after you buy a bow is probably the arrows you need to fire your new bow.

You’re going to want to go to an archery store for a very good compound bow and get some arrows that match exactly what you need and your bow. You will probably want a good amount since they seem to get lost pretty easily.

You may just be getting started in archery for cheaper compound bows. You will want a package that includes some bows, so you can package your bow up right away and start shooting. So it’s a little bit more fun.

As far as the arrow variety goes, that may be quite another message. There’s a lot out there so make sure you’re doing your homework and finding what you need.

Arrow Rest

arrow rest

Arrow rests, when firing a compound bow, can be extremely necessary. While the simple low-quality rests will do well for starting bows, as you gain more experience, you may want a nicer arrow resting.

It is an important part of your bow collection.

The best way to explain what an arrow rest would do is to suggest that if you had a great arrow rest; it would take your arrow and place it firmly at the same starting point for any single shot you take.


It turns out your target is pretty important to people when shooting a bow … they want a precise shot.

One of the most challenging things to find out for beginning archers is how to target their bow, and an efficient sight will help you do that.

Usually, you don’t need something too fancy with a to peek right away, but the top bundles give some pretty cool items like lights and five-pin sights, so it’s a good idea.



A quiver is possibly a must for an accomplished archer or anyone who goes out into the field. For the novice archer who will only aim at a stationary target, a quiver can be a nice addition that makes them feel a little better, but it certainly won’t make a difference whether or not you’ve had a good experience.



Although warranties are not something you can keep in your side, I prefer to believe that companies providing multi-year warranties are far more optimistic than those providing 60- or 90-day warranties.

It goes to reason that if you purchase a product from a company that has a much longer warranty, you get something more durable that is supposed to last for a long time. The quality construction of a compound bow which is meant to last can also contribute to better shooting results.


When buying a compound bow, the biggest mistake you can make is buying a bow that isn’t the right size for what you need.

When you buy a bow for yourself or someone else you need to take height, draw weight, and draw length all into account.

Quality matters especially to the seasoned archer, and I think you should go in this product guide with one of the high-end products.

Everything matters to your intended use.

You need to be very sure whether you’re shooting right or wrong, and if you’re buying for a baby, you need to be sure of the sizes and how solid they are to be able to pull an arrow back.

These are the biggest errors people make when buying which can lead to some needless disappointment and some lack of enthusiasm for the archery sport — not what you want at all.

If you look at this guide you should be able to find a bow in your life that has a perfect match for you or the archer. You will be able to compare features, quality, and all sorts of other information about compound bows, right down to the colors available for those bows, so you can make a confident buying decision.

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